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Purpose of the Club

The purpose of the Greater Milwaukee Poodle Club, Inc. is to preserve, promote and protect the beauty, soundness and versatility of all 3 varieties of poodles, and to accomplish this by holding events showcasing their talents as well as educating the public about their many virtues.

Every year the club holds many events:
- Two back to back all breed Agility trials in February
- One Awards Dinner TBD
- Two back to back poodle specialty shows in July
Community service:
- One all-breed Obedience and Rally trial in June
- One WC-WCX test for poodles in August
All of this is accomplished by a small group of people who move seamlessly from one event to the next.

In addition, the club holds monthly meetings that are open to all which discuss club business, educate people about poodles and provide time to socialize together.

The club contributes to various funds that investigate health issues affecting poodles and other dogs, such as:
- Poodle Club of America Foundation
- Morris Animal Foundation
- AKC CANINE Health Foundation

 - University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine


As a Poodle Club of America affiliate club we participate in the annual national specialty in various ways, and also in regionals when they are held.

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